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Artwork by Scott Leiendecker
Photography by Adam Houston
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The Fractured Years is a collection of the songs of Ben Roseberry, an NYC based artist who has been writing and performing his own music for nearly 20 years. Inspired by the storytelling and artistry of greats like Martin Sexton, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Stephen Sondheim, Donny Hathaway and many others, Ben's music has always defied categorization. Known for honesty and simplicity, his music borrows from the traditions of musical theatre narrative, singer-songwriter musicianship and classic soul. Feeling a need to give his music new life and lasting history, without the constraints of music industry molds, he decided it was time to take things into his own hands. Compiling songs from different portions of his life, he surrounded himself with the best musicians and engineers he could find, and released a campaign into the world. The Fractured Years is the result.


The artists responsible for creating this work are:


Ben Roseberry-Vocals, Piano, Music and Lyrics

Jeff Washburn-Guitars

Brandon Ellis- Cello, Bass and Strings

Gerard Canonico- Drums and Percussion


Maurice Murphy, Christine Dwyer and Sophia Nicole- Additional Vocals


Recorded and Mastered at Engine Room Audio by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo


Mixed by Robin Lai at Fyrbird Productions



Our Amazing Backers

Tiffany-Joy Mo

Mark D Kaplan

Melanie Brannan

Kristine Willis

Susan Dunstan

Perri Schneider

Jason Black

Leanard J Moors

Bert Rothkugel

Eric Kunze

Leah Berry

Ryan Stinnett

Elizabeth Marks

Jacqueline Lacroix

Alisha Soper

Sarah Eddington

Linda Franzese

Ryan Berkowitz

Warner Watkins

Angela Tsai

Michael Hollick

Molly Lee

Chip Klose

Peggy Irby

Sarah Hardin


Carrie Lindstedt

Jed Resnick

Jeffrey Williams

Nathan Tysen

Carolyn Deming

Alison Roseberry-Polier

Mallory Hawks

Katherine Eaker

Cat Adler-Josem

George Ryness

Bobby Daye

Kerry O'Malley

Seth Christenfeld

Kristina Ress

Jeff Wojcicki

James Alford

Bill Roseberry Sr.

Nacor Zuluaga

Bevin Ryness Curtis

Karen Belciglio

Julie Routon

Corinne Brown

Kendra Moore

Tony Freeman

Richard Ohmann

Bryce Ryness

Joe Belciglio

Herminio Torres

Micaela Grossman

Laurel Hoes

Hannah Sumner

Kristen Rosenfeld

Emily Ryan

Mary-Mitchell Campbell

Geoffrey Cox

Marja Harmon

Cary Murray

Jenna Noel

Steve Friedman

Amanda Brasher

Bridie Carroll

Brian Alford

Eric Woolsey

Katie Doub

Cheryl Sanders

Theodore Tsang

Brett Macias

Selena Moshell

Steve Kerekes

Cindy Kerekes



Leah Wilson

Caitlyn Caughell

Kennedy Caughell

Tom Small

Emmanuel Schvartzman

Demetrius Goosbey

Martha Kerekes

Rebecca Tate

John Belciglio

Chad Hershey

Lee Lessack

Colin Clarcke

Maurica Roland

Martha O'Neill

Jonathan Weir

Joel Ryan

Shellie W. Cobb

Ashley Dove

Jesse Lawder

Andrea Jones

Kate De Ayora

Kimberly Welchons

Benjamin Mathes

Kara Boyer

Jared Bradshaw

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A year ago, a campaign was started. People responded with open hearts, and out of their generous support, The Fractured Years was born. This was only the beginning. If you listen closely, you can hear some of the album being recorded in real time:











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